Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Journal 10

Journal Response #10
How important is the epilogue to this novel? Do you feel that it is necessary and/or effective? Comment on Homer’s choice to include it in his novel.

We are finally finished reading the novel October Sky. The Finale chapter to the novel was the Epilogue. I thought it was necessary to put the Epilogue in the novel tho show you what happen to the characters in the future. It also showed you that a little hard work pays off, and to always go for your dream not matter how many people don't believe in you. It also showed that you are not going to be necessarily what you think you were born to do, or because of were you live. I think the Epilogue was very important and the book would not have been completely with out it. It was also very effective because it showed you that the Rocketboys and you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. I am very glad that Homer Hickman put this in the novel and told us his story.

Journal 9

Journal Response #9
What is the importance of the title of Chapter 22 “We do the Math?” How does this relate to the achievements of the Rocketboys to this point in the novel?

In the novel October sky the title for chapter 22 was `` We do the math`` suited the chapter perfectly because this chapter was showing that do work payed off and that you have to do the math after a problem has occurred. From Sonny and the Rocketboy doing the work that was necessary to build a rocket it paid be able to make the rockets fly and potentially making it better ones in the future. Also from doing the math equations the boys were able to create a rocket repellent and predict how high it was going to go and were I was approximately land. The name of the chapter ``We do the math`` relates to achievement of the Rocketboys so far because I shows that doing the work pays off with extraordinary achievements and shows that working as a team help you succeed. The importance of the chapter title is to show you that they worked as a team and do the math as one.

Journal 8

Journal Response #8
How does hearing the actual version of the song “It’s all in the game” affect your view of the scene where Sonny watches Dorothy and Jim? Was your perspective on the scene changed at all? How?

We just finished reading chapter 16 in the novel October Sky. In the chapter Sonny goes to the Dugout and see Dorothy their. The only problem is that see has a date and its his brother, Jim. Sonny watch his brother watch his brother dance to the song ``Its all in the game`` with the girl that he has a crush on. After hearing the actual song ``Its all in the game`` by Tommy Edwards, it gave me a totally different perspective on Jim and Dorothy dancing. I think it showed me that Jim was just using Dorothy the make his brother, almost like a little game. I think it also what was going to happen to Dorothy and Jim's relationships in the future. For example Jim probably was not going to call her for a long time and she was just another girl he was hooking up with.

Journal 7

Journal Response #7
In Chapters 10-14 we see the community of Coalwood supporting Sonny and his friends. How does this support affect the creation of their rockets? Who do you feel is most supportive.

Reading Chapters 11-14 in the novel October Sky was surprising. The town of Coalwood start to support the Rocketboys and Sonny with make their rockets and their dream of going to the National Science Fair. From the support of their family,friends, and peers it help them make the rockets fly higher and better. They were able to create better fuel to make the rocket fly higher and not make the rocket explode. I think the most supported thing that the community did to show their support for the Rocketboys was when they went and watch the boy test there Rocket with their new fuel. I think this showed to boy they can to anything they put their minds to and that they wanted the boy to do more with their life than being coal miners. I think it was good for the boy to help them be more prepared to for presenting if they ever got in to the National Science Fair. I feel the most support person would have to be their teacher Miss Riely because she always stood up for them and help them with making fuel and gave Sonny a book for rocket building.

Journal #6

Journal Response #6
Chapter 8 is packed with emotion. How does the struggle of the USA with their educational system relate to Sonny’s internal struggle building his rockets? What do both have to do to be successful?

Currently we are reading the novel October Sky. We just finished reading Chapter eight, which was all about education in the United States of America. The school canceled all of the sports and extracurricular activities to become more focused in the education. I think this is related to the internal struggle that Sonny is dealing with make rockets. He is limited with the supplies that he can use. Sonny is also limited with living in Coalwood because everyone one think that he is only going to be a miner and not became a scientist or go to the national science fair. Sonny is also limited with support from his family, teachers and peers. To be successful they both have to be focused, student at school have to become more focused to their studies to get back their sports. Sonny has to be completely focused to prove to everyone he is not just going to be a miner.

Journal #5

Journal Response #5
In Chapter 7, the BCMA finds a place to launch their rockets. Why do you think Sonny’s father is helping him? Find evidence from the novel to support your perspective.

After finding a place to launch their rockets, the Rocketboys have to make a launch pad and a block house (a place to stand behind when the rockets are being launched). The boys need supplies to make the equipment they need to be safe. The "borrow" wood and tin from businesses to make the block house. Sonny goes to his dad to ask him to borrow some cement to make the launch pad. His dad said that he can use some extra cement to make the launch pad. I think his dad lent him the cement so he could show Sonny that he loved him and wanted to supported him. I also think that Sonny's Dad help the Rocketboys so he could help them get out of Coalwood so they wouldn't have to be miner and possibly get hurt or sick. I also think that he wanted to make up for all the times that he paid more attention to Jim than to Sonny.


Journal Response #4
Page 53-54 What is the relationship between Sonny, his father and the mine that is revealed in these pages? What is the mood in this section?

The novel October Sky is packed with emotion. On pages 53-54 you learn more about Sonny's relationship with his Dad and His Dad's relationship with the mine. Sonny and his Dad, Homer don't have a very good relationship. I find that his dad does not believe in him and think he will only be a miner. Homer and Sonny never get to hangout because he always has to leave for work, even in the middle of the night.
Sonny relationship with the mine is not a good one. Sonny's blames the mine for him and his dad not being able to hangout. Sonny also think that the mine is slowly killing his father and giving him a black spot in his lung the size of a quarter. The mood in this section of the book is not a good one. The main mood is depression. You find out that Sonny's dad is dying, but he keeps on trying to deny it from his mind and his family. Also you find out the his father does not care about anything but the mine.